Rashon Lane 

Research & Teaching Philosophy  

Current Research Projects 

As a Behavioral Scientist, I apply social science and behavioral theories to practice. My theoretical background is in medical sociology and critical theory, I am a practitioner of evaluation and work in the field of public health.  I am interested in how structural inequity creates worse health conditions for marginalized groups. My research and practice  focuses on community and global health where I use program evaluation data to inform and improve public health practice. Currently, my research projects are in disaster and chronic disease research. I'm engaged in a project that examines health equity at a large health care system in Atlanta, GA. My disseration research is examining how the sociology of Ebola survivors from the 2014-16 outbreak. 

Current Research Projects 

         The Sociology of Survivors 

         Health Equity Evaluation Indicators 

         Cardiovascular Disease Program Evaluation 

Teaching Philosophy 

My approach to teaching stems from being a daughter of a Headstart teacher.  I am passionate believer that every learner should have the opportunity to critically engage in in the learning process in a way that is equitable. Ultimately, I see it as my duty to guide that process to allow students to challenge and critique traditional ways of knowing and learning in the world. 

Please contact me if you're interested in me teaching courses in the following areas: 

​-Social psychology and medicine 

-Health psychology 

-Program evaluation 

-Chronic disease prevention and health promotion 

-Community participatory research 

-Research methods 

-Qualitative and mixed methods research